Physical Therapist

Summer Vacation!

Summer break is just around the corner!  There will be many more opportunities to get outside and play once school is out.  Take advantage of the nice weather and get to the beach, where there are so many opportunities for your child to move, play, and strengthen their muscles!

Here are some great beach activities:

  • Build a sandcastle
    • Have your child dig in the sand and fill pails or buckets to create a solid base.  This is not only a great strengthening activity, but also provides a heavy work experience for sensory input.
    • Under adult supervision have your child go get a bucket of water and carry it back to the castle to create a moat.  
    • Use your imagination!  You don’t have to build a sandcastle… you can build a snow(sand)man or anything that you think of!
  • Take a walk and look for shells
    • Walking on the uneven sand can be a challenge and will help your child to work on their balance and also strengthen their muscles
  • Play catch with a beach ball or football
  • Use the sand to make a hopscotch board or a target to throw to
  • Have a water relay!
    • Under adult supervision have your child fill up a cup of water and bring it to fill a bucket.  The first child to fill a bucket wins the race!


~ Jamie Fugowski, DPT


Disclaimer:  This website is not a place for therapeutic recommendations or interventions.  The ideas presented here are informational and intended to be used only for play with close adult supervision and should  not be used for diagnostic or training purposes. If you are concerned about you or a family member starting an exercise program please see your medical provider.

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