English as a Second Language

Ms. DiVincent


Language is the quintessential link to success in academics, socialization and the sharing of thoughts and ideas. Communication is the catalyst that enables us to work together, learn from each other and enjoy each other. That said, mastering the common language of English for our non English speaking students is the very first step in integrating and assimilating into our English speaking school system.
In our ESL program, we are dedicated to help our students master their new tongue so that they may participate in the academic and extracurricular programs along with the rest of the student body.

Since conquering a new language, culture and school experience can be daunting, we try to employ every teaching modality available. The students are tested and we recruit input from teachers and parents: and then place the children in study groups that will be most conductive to their launch into the English speaking school. Never forgetting that these are young children, already facing a barrage of new experiences, we try to make the learning of their new language non threatening and fun.

We utilize everyday items (clothing, tools, coins, tableware, toys, crafts, etc.) as props to familiarize the children with commonplace items and customs. Holidays, seasonal changes, celebrations and cultural events are used to maintain the students interest, engage their enthusiasm and stimulate their desire to learn.

The students leave the program, ready to be integrated into the mainstream of school life...confident, inspired and ready to take advantage of the school experience, as well as to share the richness of their own culture that they bring with them.

ESL Family Project

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